The Class Action Lawsuit Against Alpha FoodsTM

Accidentally vegan?

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Alpha Foods, the makers of plant-based burritos, chik’n nuggets, burgers, breakfast sandwiches, tamales and more, has been turning meat eaters into vegans without their prior written consent and must be stopped.

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A box of Sillzin' Spicy Chik'n PattiesA box of Meatless Sausage, Plant-based Egg & Cheese Breakfast SandwichPackages of Steakless Ranchero and Chick'n Fajita BurritosA package of Original Chik'n Nuggets



It’s as real as Alpha Foods plant-based hamburgers are meat.

Wait and see. There may be a tasty settlement coming your way.

Sorry! It’s all in good fun. Also that’s a statement not a question.

Some say they taste better, but you’ll have to try for yourself.

Hmmm, it’s hard to say, their face isn’t clear enough to identify.

If you are hiding your plant-based fetishes from friends you can order online: You can also find Alpha Products in many supermarkets nationwide.